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About Us

After getting certified as a personal trainer and becoming a fitness nutrition specialist, Delwin started researching how to launch his personal training business. With that came the struggle of figuring out how to help as many people as possible. A blog seemed like the most effective way to reach many people.

Once that idea came to place, Delwin was laser focused on making this a reality. He took course upon course, read countless articles, and spent hours learning how to build a website from scratch.

As you can imagine, this took lots of time, money and was one hell of a roller coaster. Still, his passion for helping others was enough to keep going and not give up on his dreams. Unfortunately, within those countless hours of research, he learned a lot about the fitness community and how much false information was out there.

What was even sadder was the number of people believing those lies. But, again, this added more fuel to get this website up and begin debunking lies and educating people about things such as:

Fitness is inclusive. I.e., You don’t need to necessarily want to lose weight to become healthier.

Sustainable Weight loss is Key.

The importance of balance and much more. 

His promise has always been to be authentic, transparent, educate, and guide people to reaching thier fitness goals. Because you never know when we might find ourselves in a dangerous fantasy world and may need to fight dragons or fend for ourselves.

Our Mission

At Attack on Fat Loss, we provide science-based wellness and fitness tips including: workouts, healthy recipes, sustainable fat loss advice, and more!! We guide nerds, weebs, and everyone in between to go beyond and achieve their final form.


About us -Delwin. Author at attackonfatloss

Konnichiwa, Delwin desu!

I’m a NASM personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, and I’m currently working on becoming a NASM certified nutrition coach. I value staying up to date with the latest fitness-related research. Likewise, I have a passion for guiding others with their fitness journeys.

Aside from fitness, I also love anime and cooking. In addition, the world of Dungeons & Dragons recently entered my life, which led to my newfound enjoyment of reading and writing fantasy stories.

At the moment, I’m learning Japanese, so we can surprise my son with a trip for his graduation.

Arigatou gozaimasu!!


About us -Melissa. Author at attackonfatloss

Hey, I’m Melissa.

I am the lucky lady who got to marry the dude you just read about. Much like Delwin, I also have a passion for helping others. I believe that my love for educating, guiding, and motivating drove me to be a primary school teacher. It’s wild to think that I am about to hit my 10th year teaching, but I genuinely love what I do.

With that being said, working with Delwin to help people have access to research-based fitness tips has become something I also value and enjoy. All things spooky, artsy, and Disney are my jam.

You may also catch me photographing lovely scenery or awkwardly dancing to any sort of music.I am also learning Japanese and about the Japanese culture and can not wait for our trip.

Jaane, Melissa


Our Values


We personally know the struggle and countless people who also struggle in their fitness journey. So with that, we know how crappy it feels to constantly feel like you’ve been scammed or reached a dead end. That is why we value trust, transparency, and honesty..


Attack on Fat Loss wants to see the best all-around healthiest version of you. That means both body AND mind. So we are big advocates of mental health.


Fitness does not necessarily mean just weight loss. Nor does it mean just muscle building, only for the young, our young at heart. You don’t have to fit in any specific category to want to become a healthier version of yourself.


We want to know you. Your story. Just like not everyone is the same, neither is anyone’s fitness journey. We want to connect and build a community of people who support one another.