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  • Yoga Benefits for Beginners

    Yoga Benefits for Beginners

    Why Yoga? It feels like everyone, from celebrities to your average college student, is doing Yoga.  Let’s be honest. Yoga looks intimidating!  “You want my leg to go where?!” After experiencing some not so enjoyable Yoga classes. I decided to give it another whirl. Before diving into Yoga again, I thought it would be best […]

  • 10-Minute Workouts

    10-Minute Workouts

      10-Minute Workouts When people think about a “10-minute workout,” most believe that 10 minutes isn’t long enough to cause any meaningful positive changes to our weight and health. The main driver of skepticism is that we wouldn’t burn as many calories in a 10-minute workout as spending an hour at the gym.  And you […]

  • Quick Fat Burning Workouts

    Quick Fat Burning Workouts

       Let’s Sweat! Do you ever have days where you are so busy that there is no way you could squeeze a drive to the gym, workout for 1-1.5 hours and then head back home or continue whatever other errands are on your agenda for the day? Yeah? You aren’t alone, my friend. On those […]

  • Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

    Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

      Weight loss tips    You are doing everything you can think of to lose weight, but the pounds aren’t coming off.  I know how frustrating and infuriating that can be. You believe you are doing everything right. You eat healthily and also workout, but yet this damn weight isn’t coming off. What gives? Follow these […]

  • Morning Workout Routine

    Morning Workout Routine

    Good Morning Workout Routine The pale-blue moon was still high in the sky. Its cold glow blanketed the empty streets.  Your bedroom was pitch black. As if black ink filled every corner of the room. At 4:00 am, a sudden loud sound from your phone jolted you awake. Last night, you set the phone on […]